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What institutions are examples of "shadow banking"?

I often hear the term shadow banking tossed around when discussing the United States and Chinese economies. What exactly is shadow banking and could you give examples of some specific companies that ...
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Is there a clear timeline of ECB/Eurosystem's changes to the defintion of M3 (with regard to repos)?

I found that circa 2012 the ECB/Eurosystem changed their definition of M3 to exclude at least some repos, which previously were included. According to a 2014 Bundesbank publication, the change ...
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How does the Fed measure the shadow banking sector in the US?

It's apparently popular to say on TV [at 2:20 in that clip] that the Fed has no idea what's going on in shadow banking sector. To what extent is that true? (I could ask this on Skeptics as well given ...
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Does Shadow Banking (i.e. non-Commercial Banking) produce transaction-useful money?

In shadow banking amongst primary dealers & large institutions...I understand repurchase agreements function similar to deposit accounts (Gorton, et al). Additionally, I understand how traditional ...
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