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Effect of tax plus rebate on fuel consumption

I'm studying the Slutsky equation and an example in the text discusses the effect of a tax plus rebate on the consumption of fuel. Suppose the original price of fuel is $p$, tax is $t$, $x$ is the ...
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CES in Slutsky matrix (weird results)

We have a Slutsky matrix: \begin{bmatrix} \partial x_{1}^H/\partial P_1 & \partial x_{1}^H/\partial P_2 & \dots & \partial x_{1}^H/\partial P_n \\ \partial x_{2}^H/\partial P_1 &...
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Concave preferences have negative SE [Proof]

Question from Intermediate Microeconomics by Hal Varian: Suppose that preferences are concave. Is it still the case that the substitution effect is negative? This is my point: If preferences are ...
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How to find the substitution and income effects?

The usual definition of Substitution Effect (pg. 30; also found in Varian) tells that the Slutsky SE is $x(p_x', I') - x(p_x,I) = x(2,15) - x(1,10) = \frac{15}{2 \cdot 2} - \frac{20}{2 \cdot 1} = -6....
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Uncompensated and compensated demand functions

I came across this lecture note online and some of the points below confuse me. I have added the part that confuses me as an image and here is the lecture note for further reference, if needed. ...
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budget line for ration quota

In this situation there is a particular commodity, like rice, is both available at a subsidized rate from a fair price shop (ration shop) and at a higher price from the open market. Suppose a consumer ...
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Is the Hicksian demand curve steeper or flatter than Slutsky demand?

Putting price on the vertical axis and quantity on the horizontal axis, is the Slutsky demand steeper or flatter than the Hicksian demand curve? If I calculate the Slutsky and Hicksian substitution ...
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Confusion regarding the Slutsky equation

I'm reading Henderson and Quandt's Microeconomic Theory textbook and in the derivation process of the slutsky equation the final formula confused me a bit. The first term on the right of the equation ...
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substitution effect in slutsky equation

We know Slutsky equation decomposes the price effect into substitution effect and income effect, where the substitution effect is the partial derivative of Hicksian demand function against the change ...
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How to derive substitution and income effect using Slutsky equation if we don't know which of the prices change?

We have the utility function $$U(x,y)=x + y$$ and we have to derive the substitution and income effects using Slutsky equation. But after I derive the Hicksian demand functions for e.g. x: $$h_x= \...
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