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Parameter in calibration are not sufficient for pruposed Model. Where is the lacking data coming from?

The paper „social security reforms, capital accumulation and welfare: A notional defined contribution system vs a modified payg system“ by Lin, li Presents a model for analyzing the impact of ...
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Why is the Social Security tax split midway between employer and employee?

On page 99 of Hidden Order, David Friedman writes: Social Security taxes are paid half by the employer and half by the worker. How would the effect of the tax change if it were collected entirely ...
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Why the ageing population creates problems for a country to fund old-age social protection program and what solution do we have?

Senior citizens are considered as one of the vulnerable groups and therefore, they need some social protection during their old age. However, we also face the worldwide trend of an ageing population. ...
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How will Coronavirus affect Social Security solvency?

The Coronavirus (known by younger millennials as the "Boomer Plague") is estimated to have a cost of life between 100,000 - 240,000 Americans. According to the CDC approximately 80% of deaths ...
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How much to earn to break-even throughout life [closed]

Firstly, my apologies if this isn't the right forum for this - I couldn't spot a better one! We are all born, pay taxes and die. Depending on where we live, those taxes will (hopefully) be used to ...
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Why does the retiree to contributor ratio matter when discussing the solvency of Social Security?

Whenever the topic of Social Security solvency comes up, the consensus is that benefits for future generations have to be cut, mainly because of two reasons: People are living longer. There are more ...
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