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Questions tagged [spatial-economics]

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Geolocalised data on agriculture - harvested land, type of crop

I am looking for data on agricultural land use, in particular for Southeast Asia, in particular for harvested land and type of (main crop) at a local level. Ideally the data would be presented as a ...
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Non-normality and Heteroscedasticity in Spatial Data

I am working on district-level Spatial Analysis for my project. The OLS, Spatial models show non-normality and heteroscedasticity issues in the estimation. What can I do? Suggest references I can look ...
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conleyreg() for panel data

With panel data, how does conleyreg() correct for spatial correlation and autocorrelation within units over time? More specifically, why do my standard errors change when I specify 'unit' and 'time' ...
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R (splm): Is there any way to do an unbalanced panel estimation for spatial econometrics?

From what I know, splm package won't allow us to estimate unbalanced dataset on spatial econometrics (SAR, SEM, SDM). Is there any packages or solution to face ...
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