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Is there any downside to synthetic control compared to differences-in-differences model?

Synthetic control seems to me to be simply a version of differences-in-differences model, where the assumption of parallel trends is satisfied by construction, since the synthetic control to the ...
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Synthetic Control - Potentially confounding policy in the treated and donor units

I am currently conducting a synthetic control approach and try to assess the possibility of confounding effects. In my setting, two policies had happened. One policy that (in theory) affected the ...
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2 answers

What are the assumptions needed to be made for using the Synthetic Controls method?

I am wondering what assumptions typically need to be made for the Synthetic Controls Method to work. It seems that I cannot find any concrete assumptions online and would like to understand what ...
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Is it possible to integrate propensity score (weighting or matching) and synthetic control method?

I apologise in advance because I'm obviously new both to causal inference and to this community. I would like to estimate the impact of a treatment on firms' behavior. I'm considering using the ...
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Synthetic control method when treatment has an overflow effect on control group

Can I use a synthetic control method in the following settings: Treatment on one aggregate unit causes some of the individuals in that aggregate unit to migrate to the control unit The individuals in ...
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How to define treatment & control groups properly?

I’m working on a project examining the effect of a 2016 cash transfer on fertility. Who is eligible for the cash? All families with: 2+ children, or 1 low-income or disabled child. The data doesn’t ...
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5 votes
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Why does synthetic control not suffer from backdoor confounders?

From Scott Cunningham in Mixtape, on propensity score matching: propensity score matching has not seen as wide adoption among economists as in other non-experimental methods like regression ...
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Synthetic Control Asymptotics

I'm aware of the basics of the synthetic control method, and that permutation tests are commonly used for inference. Are there papers that develop asymptotic theory? i.e. if the regression approach to ...
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