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Have automation and technological advance been shown to have a positive impact on society and the economy or a negative one?

My friends and I, 2 of which are computer science majors think it is worse because is humans can't work and thus afford necessities, how will they survive? The definition of automation: the use of ...
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Why in most macro models technology is labor-augmenting?

Take Romer's advanced macro book as reference. In it the Solow model,the Ramsey model and the Diamond OLG all contain the fundamental $A_t$ variable representing technological progress. In all these ...
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Labour Saving vs. Labour Augmenting - what is the difference?

It seems reasonable to say that technology generally increases output per unit of labour. Therefore in any factory which has installed new technology one can reasonably expect that for the same ...
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What are some growth theories that are considered the most correct at the moment?

In under grad intermediate macro classes they often teach the Solow model. While intuitively it makes sense, it seems like it no longer is really taken seriously anymore (I could be wrong). From my ...
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Cobb-Douglas production function, given $w$ get $r$ regardless of input levels. Why?

There is a market economy with technology given by: $$Y = K^\alpha L^{1-\alpha} \tag{1}$$ Firms behave competitively and input prices are: $$r = \alpha K^{\alpha-1}L^{1-\alpha} = \alpha(\frac{L}{K})...
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