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Textbook for dynamic commodity market modelling in continuous time

I am seeking textbook recommendations for dynamic commodity market modelling in economics (including or excluding finance). It should focus on continuous models rather than discrete ones, thus based ...
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Economic models that are useful to understand macroeconomics

I started to study economics. Since I majored in Mathematics, I'd like to learn the principles of macroeconomics through the analysis of a simple economic models (using equations). That's why I ...
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What are some good alternative textbooks in international trades for undergraduates other than 'Taylor & Feenstra' and 'Krugman, Obstfeld & Melitz'?

I've been referring to the textbooks International Economics by Alan M. Taylor and Robert C. Feenstra and International Trade: Theory and Policy by Marc Melitz, Maurice Obstfeld, and Paul Krugman ...
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Introductory text book for a post-graduate level econometrics course

I am currently applying for a post-graduate course in Economics, having completed my undergraduate degree in physics. The course contains an econometrics module, and I am looking for some ...
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Textbook Recommendation for IS-LM AS-AD Models

I am currently taking an intro to macroeconomics class, and I am looking for undergraduate level study material to understand the IS-LM model and its interactions with the AS-AD model. Can you give me ...
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Forward Induction Procedure

Does a mechanical set of rules or algorithm exist for doing forward induction on a game tree, or is it an "every problem is too unique and requires its own reasoning" type of situation? I ...
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Discrete Choice models in Greene

I am trying to reproduce the values in table 17.1 of Greene (Greene, Econometric Analysis, 8th Edition): The density and distribution functions for Cloglog are: $$f(x) = \exp(x) \exp[-\exp(x)]$$ and $...
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Errata to Analytical Methods in Economics by Akira Takayama

I found a mistake on page 312 and want to find out if there is an errata to this classic book somewhere. As for the typographic error, the third equation in the footnote on page 312 should read: $\...
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Slope in Probit results

In Greene, Econometric Analysis, the following table is shown from a probit regression: I am trying to reproduce these results. (That is my preferred way to get a better understanding of this). My ...
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Is Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell a good book for a layperson who isn't interested in pursuing economics?

I heard that Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell is a good book for a layperson to get a feel for how the economy works. I have also heard some criticisms but they seem to be based on Thomas Sowell's ...
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Information request about Robert Frank's principles of economics and Mankiw's principles of economics

I'm a high school student. Some of the teachers at my school announced that the school may introduce electives in the next school year. One of the options for electives to be introduced was economics, ...
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Why do some game theory textbooks explicitly require preference relations to be reflexive?

A binary relation on a set of outcomes is called a preference relation if it is complete and transitive. Completeness of course implies reflexivity. But the authors of some game theory textbooks add ...
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