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Doesn't it make sense in terms of economic security for tech companies to support unions?

It seems to me looking across (modern) history that the biggest threat to monopoly is government intervention. It certainly seems true in present times when you have many politicians on the left ...
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Is a labour union formally different to a one-off (or infrequent) grassroots collective negotiation?

Are labour unions categorically different from a one-off (or infrequent) grassroots negotiation occurring between workers and bosses?
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When a union negotiates a pay rise, do non-union workers also get that pay rise?

Do non-union members, in the same company and in the same roles, typically benefit from any negotiation successes of unionised employees' unions?
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When are labour unions good and when are they bad?

Recently in the UK, transport workers have gone on strike, causing severe disruption as only 1 in 5 rail services are now running. They can only do this as a result of unionisation and laws protecting ...
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