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How much do gas prices impact in other product prices?

In my country, they are considering stop funding gas prices so prices would raises from 0,30 U$S to 1 or 2 dollars per liter. Some people argues this would impact heavily in inflation, which is ...
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How would the world economy change if intercontinental transport was five times more expensive than today?

I am asking this question in light of climate change mitigation. I am working with the assumption that many ways of emitting green house gases can be stopped with better technologies. Electric cars ...
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What is "the marginal cost of the work performed"?

A section in my (mostly conventional) transport economics (Blauwens, De Baere, Van de Voorde, 2002) handbook discusses the use of transport policy to generate employment (as a second-best solution: ...
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I need help interpreting a diversion curve diagram (transport economics)

In my handbook of transport economics (Blauwens, De Baere, Van de Voorde, 2020), while discussing infrastructure assignment and the diversion curve method, the following diagram is shown (minus "...
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Positive externalities of cars - free seats on public transport

I was in a discussion about externalities surrounding private and public transport. Someone argued that by taking a car they are creating a positive externality by not taking up a seat on a bus or ...
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Why does the transportation of commodities yield a profit but that of gold and silver doesn't?

In Chapter I of Book IV of The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith makes the following assertion: The transportation of commodities, when properly suited to the market, is always attended with a ...
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Is unobserved heterogenity in mixed logit models variable specific?

I have a mixed logit model with travel cost, travel time, and mode constants. If I only randomize travel cost and keep fixed coefficients for travel time and mode constants, will the model capture ...
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Measure of Public Transportation Efficiency (Consumer side)

I'm looking for data on public transportation efficiency for consumers by city or county. In some places you can get across town in under 20min and in other places it takes 2hrs and this likely has ...
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Cost-optimal p2p-trade in a community of households

I’m trying to solve the following problem and I’ve been working on it for a long time already: I want to optimize electricity-costs in a smart grid. There’s producer and consumer households in the ...
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Applications of Optimal Transport in Economics

The 1975 Nobel Prize winner in Economics was Kantorovich who reformulated the optimal transportation theory of Monge and applied it to optimal resource allocation. The Wasserstein distance is central ...
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Comparative cost of public transport

Is there a good database comparing the cost of public transport? I found this one and this one but they cite no sources so have no idea how they were constructed. Also, it is for a given period. ...
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Will the third Heathrow runway fill up within 25 years?

From a Wired article published 9 June 2018 about the proposed third Heathrow Airport runway: But Warnock-Smith1 warns that Heathrow will eventually fill up again unless air travel is redistributed ...
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Costs of transportation

I assume that it makes sense to ask for the energy costs of transportation of different goods per weight and volumetric mass density, depending on the means of transportation (truck, train, ship, etc.)...
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What causes the dramatic decline in container traffic on the Main-Danube canal?

The Main-Danube Canal is an essential link in the main waterway connecting Western and Easter Europe: Source: Wikimedia Commons Freight traffic, in particular container traffic, has seen dramatic ...
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What is the easiest and cheapest way to store big money with option to any moment get then in cash? [closed]

Imagine I have a lot of money and my number 1 aim is to store them somewhere where I can get them fast if I need them. I don’t want to have dividends from my money but if I will it would be great. ...
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Why are many railroad rights-of-way held in easement rather than in fee simple?

In the United States it is said that many railroad rights of way are held by railroad corporations in easement rather than in fee simple. It seems strange that it would be done that way when one ...
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