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Two-way fixed effects with two treatments and interaction between both treatments

I am interested in estimating the effect of two different treatments (T1 and T2) and the interaction of the two (T1 x T2) in a two-way fixed effects event-study design. Both T1 and T2 have a "...
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Sufficiency of CIA for identification in constant effects linear model

Everything is from page 58-59 of Mostly Harmless Econometrics (Angrist & Pischke, 2009) Assume the following causal constant effects model: Potential outcomes of person $i$ as a function of $s$ ...
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Missing values in difference-in-differences

To give a background of the problem: I'm performing a difference-in-differences analysis to estimate the effect of a treatment, say A. I have a panel data with 5 rounds and about 3000 observations in ...
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How to calculate and interpret a marginal treatment effect (local instrumental variable)? (Intuition through simple example.)

I am working on the intuition behind local instrumental variables (LIV), also known as the marginal treatment effect (MTE). I have worked some time on this and would benefit from solving a simple. I ...
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Event Study and Diff-n-Diff

I'm struggling to understand the difference between Event Studies and Difference-in-Difference regressions. Both seem to have a discreet event that is assumed to cause some change of interest, subject ...
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Assessing multiple Treatment Effects in Overlapping Interventions for difference-in-difference

I am currently working on evaluating the impact of two sequential treatments, Treatment 1 and Treatment 2, on two distinct groups in our country: Group A and Group B. Treatment 1 is administered at ...
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