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Questions tagged [urban-economics]

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What surveys will show the number of people who live in single family homes?

I'm looking for any source of data showing the number of people who report living in a single family home for a given year. I've already tried the Current Population Survey and the American Housing ...
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Measure of urban-ness or city density

I have a dependent variable I want to examine in relation to a measure of city density. This means city population as well as geographical spread. Ideally, it would also include a measure of ...
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Why does everything get more expensive as cities grow in density/size?

I have long wondered why groceries, rent, and especially cially taxes increase as cities get larger since the cost per capita goes down, at least according to everything I've read including a summary ...
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Modelling agglomeration effects

In this video, Glaeser sets up a demand curve for housing in a city, where there are agglomeration effects: bigger cities have higher wages, so demand (willingness-to-pay) is increasing in city size. ...
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How to use Census Tract data?

I am trying to control for neighborhood characteristics using census tract data. I've never done this before. I have home addresses and census shapefiles. How do I do this? Do I need to geocode the ...
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