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Books exploring economics of Leisure and free time?

One I found already is "Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict" by Boushey, what are some other books I could read about this topic?
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What proportion of human work is strictly productive?

I'd like to ask about work, being "human labour" or "use of human time" or maybe partly "the expending of economic and human resources". For this question I'm going to ...
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Why does the variable become insignificant after adding mediators?

I study an impact of long working hours on health. I run ordered logit on women subsample and the dummy variable responsible for working more than 40 hours becomes insignificant after adding mediators:...
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Percentage of workforce change, with two PPFs

A hypothetical economy produces two goods, X and Y. The performance (yield) for every worker is steady, and every worker for Y can produce 10 units of product. If $L_x+L_Y=200 $ (meaning that the ...
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How to deal with automation?

50-year-old truck drivers can't retrain to become programmists or anything (on a large scale, at least): plainly biologically, their old brains are way worse at absorbing new information and get new ...
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