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Is there any downside to synthetic control compared to differences-in-differences model?

I wouldn't say the assumption is "satisfied by construction". Parallel trends prior to treatment time is satisfied by construction, but the assumption is that the trend in the synthetic ...
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Variable dropped for collinearity in feols package in R (TWFE)

When you include country fixed effects $\alpha_i$ in your model you include a dummy variable for each country. However, you cannot have a dummy variable for each $i$, and still identify the ...
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Difference between unconfoundedness and parallel trends

You're pretty much correct - the two assumptions are very similar. The only difference is that the Parallel Trends assumption allows for differences between the treatment group and the control group (...
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Random Utility Model Multiple Choice Question. Which one is correct?

I believe the correct answer is (C). Both coefficients are identifiable. The cross-sectional variation identifies the alternative-specific coefficients. It is probably easiest to see why if you assume ...
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