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Relationship between the Tragedy of the Commons and negative externalities?

The reason why it boosts supply is that the costs are not born by produces. For example, since you can’t own fresh air due to lack of property rights (tragedy of the commons) firms don’t need to pay ...
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Did Elinor Ostrom (or others) resolve the tragedy of the commons for common-pool resources?

Depends on your definition of 'resolve'. In economic there were already proposed solutions for both public good and common-pool resources. However, most of those require some sort of government ...
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What is the difference between Common Goods and Common Pool Resources?

Common pool resources can be depleted by overuse. For example, an area of communal grazing land would be a common pool resource because grazing too many animals decreases the amount of grass ...
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What is the difference between Common Goods and Common Pool Resources?

A useful reference is the matrix proposed by Elinor Ostrom: Source: Hess & Ostrom (2007) Common-pool resources (= Common goods, Wikipedia): using them impacts others + exclusion is difficult (e.g....
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Is there any evidence for tragedy of the commons or is it all actually the tragedy of private ownership?

Wild animals in a forest are actually valid example of common ownership as their ownership is shared by all members of society. Harding who popularized the concept of tragedy of commons explicitly ...
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