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Pure exchange economy: Set of multiple equilibria endowments

The following article: TODA, A.A. and WALSH, K.J., 2017. Edgeworth box economies with multiple equilibria. Economic Theory Bulletin, 5(1), pp. 65-80. though not focusing on the properties of the ...
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Finding the competitive equilibrium in an exchange economy with two perfect complements

Given a pure-exchange economy with $u_A(x_A,y_A)=\min(x_A,2y_A)$, $u_B(x_B,y_B)=\min(2x_B,y_B)$ Endowment of A is $(k_X,k_Y)$ and of B is $(12-k_X,12-k_Y)$ Set of feasible allocations is $\mathcal{F}...
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