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Jordi Galís book "Monetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle" features the 3-equation "Simple New Keynesian" Model: \begin{align*} \pi_t &= \beta E_t[\pi_{t+1}] + \kappa\tilde{y_t}\\ \tilde{y}_t &= -\frac{1}{\sigma}\left(i_t-E_t[\pi_{t+1}]-r_t^n\right)+E_t[\tilde{y}_{t+1}]\\ i_t &= \rho + \phi_\pi\pi_t + \...


As mentioned by Michael quantecon has good resources. Here is an example of very simple DSGE model from quantecon. I am not sure if you can get to as low as 3 equations but here is very simple example of real business cycle DSGE by Chad Fulton. I won't copy all the code from the site, you can just follow the link which has full code, but it is based on the ...


One I can introduce is " ABC of RBC " It was so helpful to me.

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