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How can I calculate with the average of the consumption in an RBC framework?

Consider the risk free steady state. In that situation the Euler equation becomes: $$ \left(\frac{C_{t+1}-b \overline{C_{t}}}{C_t-b \overline{C_{t-1}}}\right)^{-\sigma}=\frac{1}{\beta \cdot (1+r)}$$ ...
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Evaluation around steady state for a specific DSGE Model

I found the error in my derivation: I mistakenly supposet that the steady state of $p_t+1$ equals $\bar{\rho}$. I did not recognize that p was different from $\rho$ because of the poor quality of my ...
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Solving rational expectations model - Sims form

If you are planning on using Dynare, you do not need to "solve" the model using Sim's method. Dynare takes care of the solution algorithm for you. If you want to get to IRFs quickly, I suggest ...
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Solving rational expectations model - Sims form

I think I have managed to solve it. However, not the way I was initially hoping. I simplified the stacked matrices using the given conditions and some assumptions. Here is my solution: Eq. (3) I ...
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What resources are available for learning Dynare?

Here is a collection of 38 models implemented in Dynare. As the page states: It includes small, medium- and large-scale models of the United States, the Euro Area, Canada, and several small , ...
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