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Сельскохозяйственные продукты могут, в виде правила, поступать на рынок только в таком количестве, чтобы обычная цена их была достаточна для возмещения капитала, необходимого для доставления их туда, и для оплаты обычной прибыли. This is the same place, but from Russian translation of the book. Here "stock" was translated as "капитал", ...


Recovery value normally refers to the liquidation value of assets after a corporate bankruptcy. In most cases, this is well below the value of a functioning corporation (its value as a going concern). There can be exceptions; a poorly run retailer with valuable real estate. El-Erian is just using jargon incorrectly to impress people.


I guess the term you're looking for is Linear Cost function?


A cost function can be constant (in $q$), but this term is not particular to economics.

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