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Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) system may have some of the data you are seeking. For example the links below may be helpful directly or indirectly to inform your further search efforts. FRED recent release calendar: FRED web services release dates:


Let $\pi$ be the fine that needs to be paid besides the parking fee (say, $\phi$) if he gets caught. Further, he may or may not get caught for not paying. So let $p$ be the probability perceived by John about whether he will be caught. Let $u(x)$ be utility function of paying for amount $x$, with $u(0)=0$, $u'(x)<0$. If he pays the parking fee $\phi$ he ...


Virtually same question was already addressed at quantitative finance stack by user Matthew Gunn. The answer there can be summed as: Financial economics is what economics calls finance. Finance is what finance calls finance. Less flippantly though, there's a long debate on whether finance is a subfield of economics, ... Prof. Milton Friedman famously ...

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