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On and off equilibrium path game theory

I do not think it is standard to call equilibria on or off path. Here are the standard definitions: A path is the set of histories induced by some strategy profile (graphically, think of one ...
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Find the Nash Equilibria in this Two-Player Strategic Game

Solution: Set of players: $\{1,2\}$ Action sets: $A_1 = \mathbb{R^+}$, $A_2 = \mathbb{R^+}$ The payoffs are, $u_1(c_1,c_2)= c_{1} (c_{2}-c_{1})$ and, $u_2(c_1,c_2)= c_{2} (1 - c_{1}-c_{2})$ We can ...
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Why does the voter paradox entail 0 turnout?

The probability of changing the outcome of the election with your vote (p) does not decrease with the population size but instead with the total number of votes cast. As the population increases, the ...
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State space of the vector of strategies in evolutionary games

You are roughly right, but your questions also contain some slightly misleading claims. To clarify: The condition $p_i(t) \geq 0 \; \forall i \in \{1, 2, \dots, n\}$ is a restriction in the sense ...
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Two candidate voting game on the unit interval ideological spectrum (game theory exercise)

The two player version is the spatial competition variation of Hotelling's "Main Street"/"line city" model. The three player version is slightly different, because instead of ...
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Judge prosecutor example of Kameinica and Gentzkow

Under the prior, the defendant is more likely to be innocent than guilty. So, without any additional information, the defense attorney in your example need not provide any information. A lot of ...
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