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What is the relationship between inflation and imports/exports?

The net effect of currency depreciation on the volume of imports and exports depends on the sum of import and export demand elasticities. See Marshall-Lerner condition.
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Where do remittances come into play in the formula for GDP?

If remittance is included in GDP through private consumption C then trade balance (if positive) can be considered in GDP as this is used in C and I. It implies that there is no difference between GDP ...
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why does world bank show Ukraine's GDP ROSE ~25% from 2020 to 2021?

How could GDP rise in dollar terms, that too such a large amount? GDP can be measured at constant prices (real GDP) or at current prices (nominal GDP). Nominal GDP can change by very large amount ...
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why does world bank show Ukraine's GDP ROSE ~25% from 2020 to 2021?

What happened to the exchange rate in 2022 does not matter for GDP in 2021 or any year before that. The exchange rate was quite stable in 2021 and the particular GDP number you look at is measured at ...
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Why inflation doesn’t cool down economy by itself?

On the contrary, inflation can be self-reinforcing. If you think that your money is constantly losing value, than you are incentivized to spend as much of it as soon as possible to avoid the loss in ...
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