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Textbooks claim that the difference between GDP and GNP (or GNI) is about geography vs citizenship--is this correct?

Residency is a complex definition. For example, the Council for Science and Technology of my country supports many graduate students abroad every year. Those guys stay abroad for periods of 1-5 years, ...
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Confusion in the relationship between GNDI and GNI

No, taxes are either: used for transfers between individuals. One person has less to spend on consumption or investment but other person has more. government income also counts as a disposable income ...
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Macroeconomics Question - GDP & GNP

This will still count towards GNP as it would be counted as US export to Korea. GNP is given by: $$GNP=C+I+G+X-M + NFI$$ Where $C$ is consumption , $I$ investment l, $G$ government spending, $X-M$ are ...
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GDP versus GNP. Which is a better gauge of a country's economy size and prosperity?

I think the safest answer is “it depends.” Firstly, the terms “stronger economy” or “enjoy prosperity” are subjective, so I think if you want a stronger answer, you would need to tighten that part of ...
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