I found this excellent Economic Letter from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco that speaks to this observation. It is from Carl R. Walsh (july 16,2004) (https://www.frbsf.org/economic-research/publications/economic-letter/2004/july/the-productivity-and-jobs-connection-the-long-and-the-short-run-of-it/ ) In this letter he notes that, newspaper ...


The logic you presented is known as technological unemployment. It is true that due to technological improvements, you would need less people to do the same amount of work. But along with technological progress, you would need more highly skilled workers to operate these high-tech machinery. What Mankiw meant (at least according to me) is that the demand ...


That's reported in A-38 under "not in the labor force" but "want a job" and "did not search for work in the previous year". The line/figure doesn't have a U-style indicator.

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