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Dif-in-Dif aggregating or not?

Yes, you can run diff-in-diff with aggreggate treatment in this case. Yes, standard errors should be clustered at the treatment (here=state) level. No, the number of clusters is not an issue, as the ...
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Why is imputed rental income for owner-occupied housing included in the measurement of household income?

The household owns an asset, the house, from which an income can be derived. The household could decide to let the house and with the income rent another house. Alternatively, the household could ...
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Using a Logit model to predict unknown outcome

If I understood you correctly, $\Lambda(x_i'\hat\beta)$, where $\Lambda(x) = e^x / (1+e^x)$. You can use predict in both R and Stata. Try in Stata: ...
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Elasticity of substitution by regression: Biased results (simulation)

I am answering my question because I have found the solution. The thing is: I have started with the wrong premise and therefore reached poor conclusion. Due to this I will edit the question a little ...
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Complements/substitutes estimation from data (Slutsky matrix)

If you neither observe the utility level nor the expenditure (or income) level, it seems not possible to identify separately Hicksian and Marshallian demands. So it is not advisable to impose symmetry....
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Companies database with strange negative values, are they reasonable from an economic point of view?

Sales, liabilities, total assets and capital expenditures should be logically non-negative. You should however consult metadata/manual for the dataset. Perhaps negative sales record situation where ...
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Can I treat pooled cross-section as panel data and do regression analysis?

Yes, you can consider this as panel data, but the key is to understanding why, as this affects how you explain and interpret your panel regression. In treating each cohort as the same unit over time, ...
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Selecting the best utility function for households

According to Wikipedia and this notes from HKU, the indirect utility function is part of consumer theory, and is defined as the maximum utility that can be attained given a consumers' money income, ...
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Where can I find data related to foreign remittances?

In the World Bank website you can find data on remittances such as Annual and Monthly Remittance Flows to Selected Countries, Bilateral Remittances Matrices, and Household survey data on migration ...
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