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FOCs for profit maximization using a transformation function

Having thought about this some more, I believe that the answer relates to the nature of the transformation function. $F$ does not have an intuitive interpretation (the way that, say, a production ...
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How do I show that the minimization problem has a solution?

Take $x=v$, $y=x_n$, and $z=x_m$, and let $d(v,x_n)<m+\epsilon$ and $d(v,x_m)<m+\epsilon$: $$d(v,x_n)^2+d(v,x_m)^2=2d\left(v,\frac{x_n+x_m}{2}\right)^2+\frac{1}{2}d(x_n,x_m)^2$$ $$d(x_n,x_m)^2=...
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