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Resampling for a Probabilistic Model to Balance Outcomes

Imbalanced classes present no problem to proper statistical methods. A standard criticism of class imbalance is that it can result in models always or often classifying as the majority class. However, ...
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Joint distribution from differential equations

From the fundamental theorem of calculus it follows that the relationship between a function and its partial derivative is given by: $$ Z(a,b)= \int_0^a \frac{\partial Z}{\partial a}(x,b) dx + Z(0,b), ...
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How realistic is the conclusion that players do not change their mixing proportions in response to changes in their own payoffs?

I don't think the major lesson is quite that. If an expected payoff maximizing player mixes between several pure strategies, they must be indifferent between playing all of them. This has the curious ...

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