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is it even possible to have such a model, even on the macro level? Yes, it is entirely possible. There are large scale general equilibrium models that would be able to answer those sort of questions. For example, the questions you are asking could be answered with dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models. Namely, you want some large-scale ...


It is impossible to beat financial markets. There is clearly a huge variation in views on how literally one can take this assertion and on how informationally efficient financial markets are, but almost all economists would agree that reading books on "the spectacular new trading system Wallstreet does not want you to know" and getting investment ...


An Introduction to Econometric Theory by James Davidson might be worth a look. It satisfies all your condition at a slim 256 pages.


These are very strict criteria, I dont know good econometrics intro book that would satisfy all of them but one that comes close is Verbeek (2008) A Guide to Modern Econometrics. it is introductory text has exercises at the end of each chapter not sure what exactly is meant by clear on math and stats used but I find that the math there is clear yet rigorous ...

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