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Graduate level economics lecture videos?

Ivan Cavay's lectures are quite nice for Econometrics topics going beyond the core. Unfortunately, without problem sets though.
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Applying dynamic programming to constrained utility

You try to solve $$ \max_{x,y} \int_0^\infty e^{-\rho t} A U(x,y) \textrm{d} t $$ where $U(x,y) = x^\beta y^{1-\beta}$ and $x = z(1-y)^\alpha - c$. (I think there should be a minus sign in front of $...
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How to self-study graduate level macroeconomics? Is there even a point?

I am currently a university student who found himself in a similar position this year. I wanted an opportunity to do advanced macroeconomic theory, dynare, etc... so I asked my professor. He ...
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Counter example for strong and weak Pareto optimality

Here are some more examples of pure-exchange economies (with 2 consumers and 2 goods) where preferences are continuous and monotone, but set of strongly Pareto efficient allocations is not equal to ...
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