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Why there is no study on the forecasting methods for the exchange rates of CBDCs? What do you think?

As of now there are no actual CBDCs in place, only plans to implement them. You can't statistically forecast something without any data. CBDCs are being considered as replacement of current currencies ...
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FOC greater than 0

If the question asks you to prove $x>0$, then the easiest you can do is to come up with the contradiction. Take $x=0$ and some $x>0$, show that the utility $u(x>0) > u(x=0)$. You are done. ...
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FOC greater than 0

It's not quite possible to have "FOC greater than 0", since the FOC is a condition, not a number. What is really meant here is the derivative of the utility function. If your utility ...
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FOC greater than 0

Remember what is the goal of optimization: It is to find some maximum or minimum of a function. Potentially, to find maximum or minimum such that something must be satisfied (constraints) First order ...
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