In this case we would say that duty levied on the lottery would erode the tax base for corporate tax. However, you should note that eroding tax base is a general term that can be applied to any action that decreases the taxable income/wealth/economic activity. But I dont think there is any more specific word in economic jargon just for that.


If taxes were paid on revenue, wouldn't the money flow stabilize somewhere else? (prices would go up, and so would salaries in order for people to afford the new prices). This sentence is unclear. If you mean to ask whether market would eventually reach some stable equilibrium the answer would be yes. However, this is a bit of a moot point. There actually ...


Well you actually answered this question yourself. It is because of this: While I do understand, that the government loses money in tax incomes, I don't understand how this directly increases the tax burden on other tax payers (except for, in the long term, the government might raise taxes to make up for lost tax revenues). To be more precise an ...

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