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Does Debreu's representation theorem of ordinal utility require Hausdorff topology?

No. However, the problem can be reduced to representing preferences on a Hausdorff space. Instead of trying to represent a complete preorder on a set, one can try to represent linear orders on the ...
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Any good resources on Information Economics Theory?

For the basics I always liked Varian's "Microeconomic Analysis" (the graduate book). For a good introduction into game theory (with a nice chapter on signalling) I would first read Gibbons' &...
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Looking for a paper on game theory as a beautiful thing, not needing immediate purpose

I believe you're looking for the following passage from Ariel Rubinstein's Economic Fables: As for me, I was fortunate to be present at stages of Nash’s journey and the march of game theory from the ...
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Does continuous preference imply upper-hemi continuous demand correspondence?

I think I find the solution: this short paper includes a generalized version of Berge's Theorem The binary relation is used instead of utility. The binary ...
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