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how to reach Continuous Expected Utility (EU)?

I believe we get it from the axioms you have provided with a few technical conditions on the spaces we are working with. Let $X$ be a separable, metrizable space (like your $\mathbb{R}$) and let $\...
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Are all subcorrespondences of the weak Pareto correspondence monotonic at the unrestricted domain of linear orders?

The question in the title seems to differ from the question in the body: all/any. At least the question in the title does have a negative answer: Let $A=\{a,b,c\}$. Consider the sub-correspondence of ...
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Axioms Underpinning Game Theory

I'd suggest to have a look at and the references therein.
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Where can I learn about what exactly effects currency values?

US dollar fell against other currencies on 10 June, see USDX index. CNY has two types: onshore and offshore and since it is only traded on stock exchange in Russian federation (normally currencies are ...
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