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With reference to overlapping generation models (OLG models).
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Questions about markets where the number of sellers is finite and larger than one.
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Mathematical techniques for the selection of a best element (with respect to some criteria) from the set of available alternatives.
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Panel data are multi-dimensional data involving measurements over time where observations are for the same subjects each time.
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An efficiency standard based on the idea that the most efficient outcomes are those where no individual can be made better-off without making at least one other worse-off.
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a term used for studying production and trade, and their relations with law, custom, and government, as well as with the distribution of national income and wealth.
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May refer to: 1. Statistical prediction of unknown random quantities, e.g. using a statistical model. 2. Theoretical prediction of how one variable responds to changes in another one in a theoretical …
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Binary relations that reflect which states of the world an agent considers to be most desirable. Preferences are a fundamental ingredient in the axiomatic study of consumer choice decision theory.
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Situations in which different consumers pay different prices (or, more precisely, different price-cost margins).
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