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A branch of economics that incorporates insights from psychology by allowing for systematic deviations from idealised rational behaviour.
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The black economy (conducted on the black market) is part of the economy that is illegal not merely because it is not taxed but also because it is considered damaging by society.
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Bond markets and legal aspects of bonds. For government debt use the tag "government debt" unless the fact the the debt is in the form of bonds has significance.
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Analysis in which the ability of agents act rationally is constrained in one or more respects. Commonly employed in behavioural economics.
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Capitalism refers to the economic system wherein decisions about production, investment, and exchange are made chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted with collective,…
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The relationship between cause and effect.
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In reference to activities undertaken by the central bank mainly to influence nominal interest rates, money supply and, eventually, price levels.
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a conglomerate of models and results concerning the aggregation of individual choices into collective choices
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Classical economics refers to work done by a group of economists in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They developed theories about the way markets and market economies work. The study was prim…
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The Cobb-Douglas function is a commonly used functional form for a firm's production function or for consumers' utility, with a variety of convenient properties.
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Two or more non-stationary, integrated variables are cointegrated if there exists a linear combination of those variables which is integrated of a lower order, e.g. stationary.
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Shared cultural and natural resources in which each stakeholder has an equal interest
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