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Econophysics is a heterodox interdisciplinary field that applies theory and methodology originally developed by physicists to economics
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Relating to research based questions in economics. This tag should be used for advanced level questions.
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Economics of Education is the branch of microeconomics that studies production, consumption, externalities of education, as its market peculiarities and non-market effects.
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Elasticity is the measurement of how responsive an economic variable is to a change in another.
The application of economics to issues in the natural environment; especially concerning climate change.
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The equilibrium selection tag applies to question which deal with the issue of selecting one or more out of multiple equilibria based on some criterion.
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The euro area consists of those Member States of the European Union that have adopted the Euro as their currency. Monteray policy regarding the Euro is conducted by the European Central Bank.
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the price at which one currency may be exchanged for another.
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The expected utility theory deals with the analysis of choices among risky projects with multiple possible outcomes.
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Economic investigations of fairness provide precise definitions for fairness of allocations or decision rules. This tag has very little to do with what you 'feel' to be fair, desirable, just, unless y…
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