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  • Angel Investor investing in Asia and Japan in particular in the service industry, very active and supportive of entrepreneurs, specialised in strategic planning in service industry in Asia and Japan in particular and versed into post M&A consolidation, rationalisation.
  • MBA specialised in venture capital and finance.
  • Master of laws (LLM) holder in International Business Law, graduated cum laude and specialised in Corporate Governance and Japan business law, British law, EU law and WTO; Legal Tech service in Japanese with
  • Software development with a strong inclination on Perl and IPC in particular, PostgreSQL. Like to use PHP as well and CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery), RUP project development. Not so fan of extreme programming, to which I prefer Opportunistic Programming. Need to catch up with the latest technologies, but lack the sufficient time to.
  • Mac user and like to toy around its underlying FreeBSD system. I balance my techie side as a mind-yoga for my finance and legal side of my work life and keep my sanity :-)
  • Speak, read and write French, English and Japanese fluently, working on my Korean and would love to learn Russian
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