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How does trading create value?
2 votes

The net value of the two villages increases because value is in the eye of the beholder. If commodity S is more valuable to village A than to village B, and commodity T is more valuable to B than A, ...

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Why do different countries have different currency?
1 votes

If I go down to the border with Mexico and step over the line that separates the two countries, what has changed? The air is the same. The sunshine is the same. There is only one thing that is not the ...

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What is the Economic Rationale for Discounted Early-Bird Parking?
1 votes

I've always assumed the early cars spend the day blocked in by the later cars. The parking lots would want to get that first row filled up as icing on the cake, then let them sit there through the day ...

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Is Soros' theory of reflexivity aligned with normative vs positive economy dichotomy?
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The complexity of the world in which we live exceeds our capacity to comprehend it. If I shut the door because it's cold outside, I've comprehended the world perfectly. What Soros should say is the ...

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