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How does a country devalue its currency?
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I don't think that it is legal in all countries, but the central bank can also print more money and give it to the government, which in turn can use it to pay the state debt. This will cause ...

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Textbook covering calculus and probability theory
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In a course similiar to yours at the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, they use two different lecture notes (in Dutch) and each set of notes recommends a book. For probability theory, ...

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Monopoly with price discrimination
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I assume $t=pq$ is meant. $p$ is the price per unit. We want to know when $$U(q,p)=a \ln(1+q) - pq$$ is maximal, given $a>0$ and $p>0$, since this is the utility function and the quantity $q$...

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