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Why do many occupations show a gender bias?
18 votes

I'm hesitant whether to write this as an answer or as a comment for why this question should be closed as off-topic, since the reasons likely have little to do with economics. Since you did ...

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Why do we need to "get the economy moving again"?
7 votes

Most people aren't Alice and Kate. GDP is a measure of the total goods and services produced within an economy. The point is measuring total production, not measuring how much money is changing hands....

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Why is the Free Rider Problem a problem?
6 votes

The existing answers are covering mostly only situations where the 'free riders' aren't using up anything. It's important to note that an emergency room is absolutely not such an example. Someone who ...

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What's wrong with the "airline marginal cost pricing" argument?
0 votes

For airlines that operate on a traditional model (as opposed to low-cost carriers,) the biggest factor here is probably last-minute business travelers. In non-pandemic times, these represent an ...

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