Where could I find statistics on the floor space per occupant as a function of wealth (or income) - preferably for the UK but any country with a reasonably high population density would do.

The closest I found so far is the following chart from this report looking at housing in the UK. There appears to be a relationship between the lines in green and yellow where it shows that people with mortgages have gradually been getting more and more space while people that are renting are getting less and less. This isn't exactly what I was looking for but one might assume that people with mortgages are generally wealthier that people renting so it's close.

What I would really like is a similar graph but instead of the categories being "people with mortgages"/"people renting" they were instead "People in the top tenth percentile of wealth" / "People in the bottom tenth percentile of wealth" - or similar.

enter image description here

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