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When a company is fined by an "independent body", where does the money go?

I read about the huge fine ($147.4 million) that Luxottica received, the news can be read here. This case seems to have been active from 1999 to 2015, so I understand that in includes fees and ...
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4 answers

Do companies have non compete agreements between each other?

Do companies also know for a better lack of words armistice? When searching for non compete agreements everything that comes up are agreements between companies and employees, but do whole companies ...
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Sources on competition policy

Are there any good books or blogs on Economics in Competition Policy? I am primarily interested in US and EU. I know of the Motta and Bishop-Walker books but I would like something with more details ...
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China approval for US company acquisition

Why does China has to give approval to two US companies merging together? There have been quite a few examples in the last time, as UTC & Rockwell Collins as well as Qualcomm acquiring NXP ...
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