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How does dollarization work, with respect to buying dollars using the soon-to-be obsolete currency?

I'm reading about the plans of the new Argentinian government and wondering how their plans for dollarization are possible. Let's imagine that the Argentinian government has 100 pesos that are worth ...
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If high interest rates cause strong currencies what do Argentina and Zimbabwe have currency collapse?

These two countries like Argentina have massive interest rate, over 50%, yet nobody can claim the argentinian peso is stronger. In fact its like 1000 to the dollar and was much stronger before. So do ...
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If Milei is able to apply his economic plan during the next decade, what are the chances of Argentina becoming (once again) a major economy?

Once Argentina was one of the strongest economies in South America. It is pretty clear that the economic model that made Argentina successful then does not stand a big chance to work again. Javier ...
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employer - employee contracting in the private sector in Argentina

Argentina has high and volatile inflation and a history of it, so people have had time to adapt. I am interested in particular adaptations around contracts for "permanent" full time workers ...
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Where is all the cash in an economy where saving is high?

Where is all the cash in an economy where saving is high, today inflation in Argentina hit a monthly rate for march of ~7.6%, what this means for me is that I try to move away from the peso as soon as ...
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