I had been searching for the GDP data of China and finally found it here.

The dataset gives the log real GDP data from 1992 (annual, quarterly and monthly). It doesn't specify the base year of the data, all it says is "Implicit price deflator for GDP by value added, 1992Q1-", for the GDP deflator. Is there a way to find the base year for the real GDP data?


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In this paper, page 8, it says

Quarterly seasonally adjusted nominal GDP and its deflator are constructed by Higgins and Zha (2015).

That paper can be found here (google did not help to find this paper. I had to look for the personal website of one of the authors, here).

This document states in section II.1, Step 1:

Annual real GDP-va – RGDP_va_A – is set to NGDP_va_A in 2008 ...

This is confirmed later in the next page, when they say:

Except for the base year (chosen to be 2008) ...

So it seems to be 2008.


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