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Why did the pay of CEOs decrease around the year 2000?

According to the book I'm reading (*), the pay of CEOs tends to increase because the divorce between ownership and control allows for abusive compensation practices by the CEOs. Indeed, in the graph ...
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Shareholder oppression, venture "growth at all costs", and bubbles

Are "lifestyle businesses" more substantially likely to remain closely held corporations and commit shareholder oppression (business judgment rule)? If so, does this have a substantial ...
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Will financial markets always heavily penalize the company if the CEO criticizes its products?
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is it better a low or high WACC for a company valuation?

I'm doing a statistical report of some italian banks and I'm looking for correlation between Corporate governance practices and bank values. I'm focusing on WACC and I would like to understand if an ...
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Does development aid, negatively effect the development of developing countries?

Development aid Development aid or development cooperation (also development assistance, technical assistance, international aid, overseas aid, official development assistance (ODA), or foreign aid) ...
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How to calculate Tobin's Q as a measure of banks' performance?

Basically, my question is regarding the calculation of book value of assets in tobin's q formula.
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Would a very cheap renewable energy source be harmful economically?

This question is not on whether these devices work or not but so much as if they did work. What if electricity can be made so cheap that everyone could afford it ti the point there was no demand for ...
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Do banks really have people on the boards of corporations, and why?

I read somewhere that in the United States, there are often people from banks on the boards of executives of corporations. Note, I don't mean ex-bankers who now work for that corporation, I mean ...
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UK: Is there a list published by the government for the amount of tax paid by companies?

I know of the website for which provides data but is a publicly available list of taxes paid by publicly own corporations like Apple? If not how do we know how much is paid by them?
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Democratic elections of board members by employees?

Would switching the selection of board members away from shareholders to employees (subject to bribery controls within campaigns, for salaries and stuff) limit the short-termism that the current ...
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In what way specifically are US CEO's able to engage in rent-seeking and exploit corporate governance to increase compensation?

I've seen videos where Prof. Stiglitz mentions CEO compensation associated with rent-seeking: I looked on the web and saw ...
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Are corporations essential components of a free market economy?

There seems to exist a rarely-stated assumption that somehow corporations are an essential element of a free-market economy, and that they benefit a nation's economy. However, I wonder if this is ...
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If the company were to buy back all their shares, does that mean the company would own itself? [closed]

If a publicly traded company buys back all it's shares from the public, majority holder and every last person that owns it's shares who would own the company? Obviously, it wouldn't be a normal ...
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Problem if Shareholder is a Director

There are some clear conflict of interest with when a person simultaneously holds a director position and is also part of the management, as CEO for example. We would clearly have a conflict of ...
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Causes of interlocking directorship connections between firms

I need to interpret some empirical results telling me that firms (intended as profit-maximising entities) prefer to be controlled (e.g. through interlocking directorships) by smaller and less ...
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