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I dont think it had been recalculated becouse his plans for the American drean is still on sight,to me he has dispel the myth for of social mobility than anyone else and that of fruitvale in Oakland the income is highly disappointing for the black people which as such other might think is kind of a racist thing forgive me but is something to look at


There could be some complicated models where high inequality could have effect on efficiency - the research is inconclusive (or to be more precise almost non existent) on the matter. However, in Public Economics, depending on the selected welfare function (ralwsian, utilitarian, charitable conservative/libertarian etc.), inequality matters for optimal ...


in relation to things people would be buying anyway, doesn't boycotting Black Friday just amount to paying full price (or finding other sales) at some other time of the year versus taking advantage of these sales? Yes. Regarding necessities or scheduled expenditures, participating in BND requires a time-shift in consumption that may carry a higher price ...


There is a lot of research into this area. You might want to look into the papers of Angus Deaton, Thomas Picketty, Gabriel Zucman, Emanuel Saez or Branko Milanovic for starters. Especially, Emanuel Saez directly focuses on optimal taxation under different social preferences - including utilitarianism and ralwsianism where reducing inequality matters. ...

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