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Ratio of two Jensen inequality

A bit of a "non answer" but it appears that you cant say anything about how the a ratio of expectations is related to an expectation of ratios. To illustrate, let $f(X)$ and $g(X)$ be ...
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Ratio of two Jensen inequality

If $X$ and $Y$ are independent positive random variables then the following are true by Jensen's Inequality: \begin{eqnarray*} \mathbb{E}\left(\dfrac{X}{Y}\right) \underbrace{=}_{\text{By Independence}...
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Literature exploring theoretically the relationship between inequality and economic growth

This is a very large subject and the relevant literature is wide too. There are important economists as Daron Acemoglu or Robert Barro who dealt with the subject. I give below some possible ...
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Is it viable to put a cap on personal wealth in the U.S.?

Caps on wealth is a viable option and it is not tantamount to a marginal tax of 100%. Let me explain. We have to look at this question from the perspective of price and inflation control rather than ...
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