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Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibirum, Contributing to a Public Good

If player $1$ mixes between $0$ and $1$, and plays $0$ and $1$ with probability $p_0$ and $p_1=1-p_0$ respectively, then player $2$'s expected payoff from playing $0$ is $0$ $1$ is $p_0(-c_1)+(1-p_0)(...
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Nash Equillibrium - Depend On The Opponent's Strategy?

See in one shot game ,(low, low) is the visible Nash Equilibrium. As we define Nash Equilibrium as a situation or payoff where no player can gain by changing his strategy. In other words if other ...
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Finding the mixed-strategy Nash equilibrium in this game

First, note that there is a lot of weak domination: $$Lr \succeq Ll, ~ Lr \succeq Rl, ~ Rr \succeq Rl, Ll \succeq Rl.$$ Consequently, $\nexists$ MSNE in which both players mix at the same time. If $...
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