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should i use a long run first difference model or ADL

I have a panel data set with 30 countries and 40 years (1980-2020), and am interested in the long run relationship between several welfare program policy measures (e.g., how much income to programs ...
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Econ literature recommendations on Health Policy Evaluation

I am writing a methodological paper on public policy evaluation in the context of child health outcomes. Particularly in Africa, multiple policies are launched simultaneously trying to improve child ...
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How to control for prices when they are endogenously set by hospitals?

Basically, I want to see how changes in hospital prices for a certain procedure can be used to predict quality of treatment. Problem is in my sample, the private hospitals are price makers so any ...
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Are patient years or per patient per year the standard unit of measurement

For the assessment for excess cost of a condition over a control group is it correct to use patient years or per patient per year? The use case is demonstrating the cost burden of hospitalisation for ...
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Difference-in differences survival models

I am in a setting where I'd like to estimate the average treatment effect on the treated (ATT) using a cox-proportional hazards model in a DID style setting. I'll adopt the setting of Mastrobuoni and ...
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Have there been attempts to estimate the costs of obesity?

I have two groups. One is 1.6 to 2.1 times more likely to be obese than the other group. I've also compared the body mass index and found that the group of people in question have higher body mass ...
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What are the motivations for two non-profit Hosptials to merge?

I was reading about two non-profit hospitals (in the US) merging. Hospital A is large non-profit hospital which controls the market in its local metro area and it is acquiring Hospital B, a smaller ...
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Is it possible to pay the same amount health insurance companies pay for a doctor's visit in the US [closed]

I understand that large insurance companies demand to pay a fixed percentage of the walk-in rate. So for clinics to be in-network, they need to set their walk-in rate stupidly high. Ignoring for a ...
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Why is healthcare so expensive in the USA?

I find this phenomenon to be kind of puzzling. USA is one of the countries with one of the highest purchasing powers in the world, yet when it comes to healthcare an standard US citizen is likely to ...
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Intuition behind Euler Lagrange equation in economics

When being exposed to the concept of the Euler Lagrange equation as a mathematical concept, many ideas from the physical sciences are used to explain its relevance in terms of choice of shortest path, ...
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Can vaccine distribution and appointment setting up be considered game theory?

New to game theory and I started thinking about the difficulty of setting up an appointment for the covid vaccine. Could this be something to study in game theory? Would we need to figure out the Nash ...
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Which parts of health care can be considered market failures?

The justification for public health care subsidies often involves declaring the health care sector to have market failures, for example infectious diseases being a public good and the customer having ...
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Drug pricing, amount of sales and R&D costs

I've recently learned about Zolgensma drug that is currently priced at \$2.1 million (read more here) Since the biggest factor in price is probably R&D costs I wonder why won't they decrease the ...
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Monopsony theory of Single Payer

One theory of how single payer/universal healthcare systems are less expensive than the US private insurance market is that each country functions as a monopsony: a market structure in which a single ...
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What does 'Health spending as a share of GDP' mean?

I am watching a video essay talking about healthcare spending in different countries and one of the first graphs shown was titled: 'Health spending as a share of GDP'. After doing some reading, I ...
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How much heath expenditure is due to conditions that people are born with?

The CDC says that 90% of US healthcare costs are attributable to chronic conditions. I am interested in an overlapping set of conditions: those that people are born with, including genetic diseases, ...
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Are there any surveys of economists on the determinants of healthcare price increases in the US, particularly over several decades?

It was asked recently on politics SE what drove healthcare (actually healthcare insurance) prices in the US to rise faster than the CPI. Neither of the top two answers resorted any actual econometric ...
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What are possible solutions when promoting competition is not applicable?

Usually, more competition means lower prices and higher quality as less effective businesses go out of business. However, it appears that it's not always the case. When there're a lot of health ...
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Can we make any general statements about the impact of a single-payer healthcare system on an economy?

The topic of single-payer healthcare is enjoying a moment in the limelight in the US. A significant chunk of the population supports such a system, and more than a few presidential candidates have ...
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Economics of Health Textbook Recommendation

Was wondering if anyone who has taught a class on health economics could give some background on which textbook they used for their class and why. It seems like "Healthy Economics" by Bhattacharya, ...
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Is measurement error in self-reported health a problem in this scenario...?

I am running regressions to estimate the impact of health conditions on life satisfaction. I have read a paper that showed that there is likely to be measurement error in the self-reported health ...
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What is the financial incentive for physicians and hospitals to join an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

Accountable Care Organizations were created by the Affordable Care Act in 2011 in order to improve quality of care and reduce costs for patients and are part of a change from fee-for-service payments ...
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Why can Iceland setup and maintain a single-payer system but Vermont can't?

Vermont apparently tried to setup a single-payer healthcare system, only to have various healthcare and pharmaceutical companies threaten to ruin them if they did so, at which point Vermont, a state ...
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Is health care equal in the emergancy room? [closed]

How does financial status dictate the level of care differ? Where can you find the best healthcare income to medical service rendered? I understand that health care differs depending on a ...
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Effect of today's decision in the US to no longer mandate contraception coverage

Today the Trump administration in the USA announced they are removing the mandate that company provided health insurance include free contraception coverage. My understanding is that providing ...
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Why does the price for a prescription drug fluctuate?

"In drug price hearing, Congress tries to answer some basic questions" - dateline June 2017 CNBC. I order a brand name prescription that has no generic, that is still under patent protection, that is ...
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