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"From my understanding," treatment is simultaneous" is that all countries passed a law at the same time, is this correct?" Yes. And what is multiple treatment events can happen in the same unit ? The same individual can be treated several times. i.e. suppose treatment is a binary variable for "the minimum wage increased". A ...


Because the word economic in economic growth refers to growth of economic activity. By common definition (see Eurostat) An economic activity takes place when resources such as capital goods, labour, manufacturing techniques or intermediary products are combined to produce specific goods or services. Thus, an economic activity is characterised by an input of ...


The article you linked is correct, inflation premium is the extra return people get as a compensation for taking the inflation risk. However, inflation does benefit borrowers but this is not called inflation premium. Perhaps the book you read was mistranslated, or author made an error, unless you share the reference it is hard to say.


I have to highlight a flaw in the premise of your question. For the quarterly NIPA statistics published and reported by the Bureau of Economic Statistics ( under the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, the real growth rate shown in Table 1.1.1 in an annualized statistic based on the estimate of the QoQ level change in the real/constant-dollar value of the ...

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