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The black economy (conducted on the black market) is part of the economy that is illegal not merely because it is not taxed but also because it is considered damaging by society.

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Why is internet piracy decreasing?

As an ex-user of pirated content (before I had so much discretionary income), I observe that overall content piracy over the internet is much less prevalent nowadays than only a few years ago. For ...
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What can be done when pigouvian taxes must be so high that black markets become viable?

The whole point of a pigouvian tax is to force producers to bear an extra cost equal to the total social cost of a good right? But, the problem this presents is, what if the social cost is very high? ...
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Statistics on Mexican illicit drug exports by country?

Estimates of the size of the total Mexican illicit drug export markets are somewhere around USD 200-650 billion per annum, depending on the source: \$426-652 billion per year \$500 billion \$200-300 ...
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Black Market Resilience

In many countries drugs like marijuana are being increasingly legalized or at least decriminalized. In such circumstances, you would expect the previously illegal or bootleg marijuana producers to ...
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Theoretical models of copyright infringement and efficiency implications

I wanted to know if there are theoretical models of copyright infringement and what are their implications for efficiency in the market and also, if possible, any empirical support they have. When I ...
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How important are new guns to organized crime in North America?

I keep reading two things (I can provide examples if needed). They both seem true to me and it also seems like most people agree with them. There are tons and tons of guns in North America (example). ...
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Can structural unemployment be caused by regulations/laws of the government?

I think yes. Is my reasoning correct? The reasoning: Suppose, for an example, that prostitution was legal, but then the State changed its laws and criminalized prostitution. Has the State created ...
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Why is the cash in circulation on the rise in rich countries?

The amount of cash in circulation is on the rise in rich countries (US, EU, etc; except the cashless economy, Sweden). In the digital era, isn't this phenomenon contradictional? For example, here's ...
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How exactly does the black market affect a country's economy?

Disclaimer: I'm far from an expert on economics. I apologize if the question seems poorly asked or not clear. Take for example the drug trafficking business and cartels in the past. It seems to me ...
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Which part of the market value a thief can expect to get for the stolen item?

If a thief steals an item to make money from it, which percent of the legal market value the thief typically gets? For instance, if the thief steals a bike that costs $1000 new in the shop, how much ...
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Analyzing Farm Bureau's claim that milk prices would double at the retail level if all the illegals were deported

A 2015 article on the Farm Bureau's website states: Half of all workers on U.S. dairy farms are immigrants, and the damage from losing those workers would extend far beyond the farms, nearly ...
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What could cause the spike in the Venezuelan unofficial currency exchange?

In November last year the unofficial currency exchange rate in Venezuela skyrocketed. It was only one month later that the government was able to slow the increase rate to “normal” values. The ...
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Is craigslist part of the Shadow Economy?

Is craigslist part of the Shadow Economy? Many if not most of the purchases that take place there are done without taxation.
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